Here are a few helpful care tips to keep your pieces looking their best:

As metals and gems are quite delicate, remove your jewellery when applying sprays, perfumes, and lotions.
Jewellery should also be removed when showering, exercising, and swimming.
Keep your pieces in a jewellery pouch or plastic baggie when not in use. Storing it away from light and oxygen helps to prevent tarnishing and oxidization.
Avoid wearing your jewellery when cleaning. Exposure to heavy detergents and cleaning agents can be detrimental.
Gently wipe your gold filled, rose gold filled, and sterling silver pieces with a jewellery polishing, non-scratch cloth every now and again to promote shine.


Opals consist of up to 20% water and are relatively soft; their delicate nature requires delicate care.
Opals are sensitive to sudden temperature changes and water (i.e., hot or cold water).
Store opals in a jewellery pouch or plastic baggie to protect it from humidity.

Be sure to follow these recommendations, as they will help preserve your beautiful pieces.
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